Webinar | Rising to the Challenge: How can humanitarian evaluation better support system-wide learning?

Date published
02 Nov 2020
Audio-visual material
Evaluation-related, Monitoring, Current learning and evaluation

This is the recording for the webinar Rising to the challenge: How can humanitarian evaluation better support system-wide learning?.

The panel discussed the current value and role of evaluation in supporting system-wide learning, how evaluation practice can better inform decisions on building back better during COVID-19 and what needs to be done to overcome current obstacles to system-wide learning.

Introductory remarks:

  • John Mitchell (Director, ALNAP)


  • Susanna Morrison-Métois (Senior Research Fellow, ALNAP)


  • Andrea Cook (Director of Evaluation, World Food Programme)
  • Ziad Moussa (Independent evaluation expert & Former IOCE President)
  • Anette Wilhelmsen (Senior Advisor, Evaluation Department, NORAD)
  • James Darcy (Independent evaluation expert)