Vaccinating the World Against COVID-19: Getting the Delivery Right is the Greatest Challenge

Shretta, R. , Hupert, N. , Osewe, P. & White, L.
Publication language
Date published
15 Feb 2021
BMJ Global Health 2021;6:e005273.
Coordination, COVID-19, Epidemics & pandemics, Governance, Health, Research, policy and analysis

Mass vaccination against COVID-19 is considered to be the most effective strategy to bring the SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 pandemic under control. In an unprecedented global scientific effort, 11 vaccines have already been authorised for full or emergency use in at least one country, and 84 countries or locations have begun their roll-out to priority populations.

However, despite the advanced healthcare infrastructure and logistical capacity in high-income countries (HIC), implementation has been slow. Recognition is growing that vaccinating the global population against COVID-19, particularly those in low and middle-income countries (LMIC), will be the largest global peacetime logistical effort ever undertaken, requiring unprecedented government/industry collaboration across distinct administrative, business, medical and information infrastructures. In fact, cost may be the least daunting hurdle to accomplishing this Herculean task.

Shretta, R. , Hupert, N. , Osewe, P. & White, L.