The Road to COVID-19 Immunity: Building Trust and Combating Misinformation

Date published
21 Feb 2021
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As millions of people within high-income countries anxiously await their turn to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, not only will billions of people in low and lower-middle income countries not have access this year, but many that do will opt not to receive the vaccine due to mistrust or misinformation. Based on the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) experience and expertise working to combat infectious diseases within conflict and crisis-affected countries, we know that if information is scientifically accurate, but not adapted for local contexts, people are less likely to trust it and may look for answers elsewhere. These months are crucial to begin building trust, engaging communities, and increasing both knowledge and acceptance of the vaccine so that once doses do arrive, a successful rollout can occur.

For ways the international community can assist in these efforts, please read this latest white paper.

International Rescue Committee