The Impact of COVID-19 in Asia Pacific

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30 Sep 2020
Multi-sector/cross-sector, Development & humanitarian aid, Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Disasters, COVID-19, Epidemics & pandemics, humanitarian action, Humanitarian Principles, NGOs
Asia Pacific

This issue of is titled ‘The Impact of COVID-19 in Asia Pacific’ and takes a detailed look at how the pandemic has affected the various countries of the region. The social, economic, demographic and cultural diversity of the region has shaped the pandemic response of these countries, with varying degrees of success. For instance, South Korea and Vietnam emerged as exemplary models for pandemic containment while other nations in region struggled to keep the pandemic in check. This issue of deals with all such themes related with pandemic response, their impacts and long-term ramifications. 

The important themes discussed in this issue range from the impact of concurrent disasters to nationwide pandemic response of federal governments; and from the impact of the pandemic on Asia’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the increasing role of women in the workforce.

This issue's contents includes: (i) When Disasters Collide; (ii) Growth and Jobs — A Major Casualty of COVID-19; (iii) Impact of COVID-19 on Asia’s SMEs: Choices and Opportunities for the Global South; (iv) Youth and Climate Change Adaptation: Accelerating Adaptation Action; (v) CityNet Role in COVID-19 Response: Building on Korea’s Response and an Increase Role for Local Governments; (vi) Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Investments in Asia; (vii) Why and How Myanmar Slowed Down COVID-19 Impact on Communities: Key Action; (viii) Women and Work: The Impact of COVID-19 in Indonesia; (ix) Inspiring Hope and Resilience amidst Dire Straits; and (x) Air Pollution in China and COVID-19: What Are Possible Links?


All India Disaster Mitigation Institute