RTA- Review of risk communication and community engagement initiative for COVID-19 prevention behaviours in Cambodia

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Date published
01 Oct 2020
Real-time evaluation
COVID-19, Good health and well-being (SDG)

The RCCE survey is conducted by UNICEF Cambodia to understand the effectiveness of COVID-19 RCCE activities in shaping people’s attitudes and practices. The survey could not ensure that country-level messages and RCCE alone attributed to behavioural 541 per cent of survey respondents identified as female and 59 per cent identified as male. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many things are changing very rapidly and a combination of factors could be linked to this behavioural change. This study relied on a theoretical model to approximate potential correlations and explore whether expected channels towards behavioural change were visible, however there will not be 100 per cent certainty on the statistical significance of the pathways of change. Despite its limitations, results from this study will provide a sense of whether RCCE messages on Coronavirus have been received and understood and if behaviours aligned to the expected messages are being followed by the general population. Data from this online survey can be used in monitoring to better understand the various kinds of factors that may stand in the way of the RCCE expected pathway towards generating outcome-level behavioural change.