RTA - Real-time Assessment of UNICEF COVID-19 response in the East Asia and Pacific region

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Date published
01 Apr 2021
Real-time evaluation
Epidemics & pandemics, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), COVID-19

The purpose of the RTA was to inform a forward-looking reflection on implementation of country plans for the evolving COVID-19 response, provide early insights on progress and lessons that have emerged to inform ongoing responses and possible future health pandemics. The RTA process included completion of online surveys by all UNICEF COs in EAP and a range of Government and IP representatives in six focus countries. Further feedback was obtained through interviews with community members and front line workers in the focus countries. Findings from these sources were collated, analysis carried out, and triangulated to establish the recommendations of this report. The recommendations were co-created with senior management of UNICEF EAP and are as follows: