RTA - Real-time Assessment of UNICEF COVID-19 response at country level: Mongolia Country Report

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Date published
27 Jan 2021
Real-time evaluation
Epidemics & pandemics, Good health and well-being (SDG), COVID-19

The UNICEF Mongolia Country Office was requested by the Regional Office (RO) to take part in the global UNICEF Real Time Assessment (RTA) exercise. The RTA is designed to assess UNICEF’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in a light and rapid manner. The RTA is being carried out across all UNICEF regions, but tailored to each region’s needs. The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region’s RTA process included requesting an online survey to be completed by every UNICEF Country Office (CO) so that some early perspectives on the COVID-19 response could be gathered and learning extracted for the organisation. The Mongolia CO was one of six EAP focus country offices that the RTA produced additional data gathering through (a) desk review (carried out by the RO Evaluation section); (b) requesting Government and Implementing Partners (IPs) to complete an online survey; and finally (c) identifying a small sample of informant for Key Informant Interviews (KII). These KII were drawn from Frontline workers and beneficiary families to learn from their perspectives on the COVID-19 response and feed into the RTA analysis.