Real-Time Assessment of the UNICEF South Asia Response to COVID-19

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Date published
19 Jan 2021
Real-time evaluation
Epidemics & pandemics, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), COVID-19

The objective of the Real Time Assessment (RTA) of the UNICEF COVID response in South Asia is to inform a forward-looking reflection on the effectiveness of implementation of the response at the Country level. The findings are consolidated at RO level, with a view to identify trends and generate cross-country learning and timely actions to strengthen the ongoing response. Key stakeholders and primary users of this assessment include therefore the eight UNICEF Country Offices in the region, the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia, as well as the respective Governments and implementing partners. The stakeholders also include the frontline health workers as well as communities as soliciting feedback from these groups was considered necessary to construct a better overall picture over how the response was meeting the needs and how the response could be further improved.