Local response in a global pandemic: A case study of the Red Cross response to Tropical Cyclone Harold during COVID-19 in Vanuatu and Fiji

Publication language
Date published
01 Nov 2020
Case study
COVID-19, Cyclone, Response and recovery
Vanuatu, Fiji
Australian Red Cross

This case study explores the double impact of Tropical Cyclone Harold and the COVID-19 pandemic in Vanuatu and Fiji, and lessons it provides on the localisation of humanitarian response.

It examines the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’s experience in supporting local response leadership and seeks to contribute to wider learning and debate about localisation and the complementary roles of national and international humanitarian actors.

The overarching context of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the provision of international surge assistance to Category Five TC Harold was highly restricted. This combination of circumstances provided a rare example of locally-led humanitarian response to a natural disaster where in-country international response was largely absent