Launching a New Research and Action Programme on “Emergent Agency in a Time of Covid”. Want to Join Us?

Green, D.
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09 Sep 2020

Mutual aid groups morphing into long term citizens’ organizations; women’s organizations forming to address the surge in domestic violence during lockdown; small producers switching to producing protective equipment for health and care workers.

Across the world, people are responding to the pandemic at a local level by acting, organizing and learning. What kinds of patterns can be identified in this ‘emergent agency’? How could others support and amplify this work? And what could be the long term impact of all of that?

That’s the focus of a new research programme on Covid and grassroots action. And we want you to get involved. Here’s the pitch.

‘Emergent Agency in a Time of Covid-19’ is a collaboration between Oxfam and the LSE’s Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE) programme.