COVID-19 Impact on Education

Bhatt, M.,
Publication language
Date published
30 Apr 2022
Disaster risk reduction, Epidemics & pandemics, Education
India Issue No. 199, April 2022

This issue of is titled, ‘COVID-19 Impact on Education’ and highlights the adverse impacts of the pandemic on the education sector in India and beyond. It is estimated that, the Covid-19 pandemic has battered education systems around the world, affecting close to 90 per cent of the world's student population.
This issue of highlights implications of the disruption caused by the school closures along with several opportunities offered by this situation.

This issue's contents include: (1) Remote Learning: An Area of Inquiry; (2) Higher Education and COVID-19: Impact and Opportunities; (3) APRU and Pandemic: Agenda for Education as COVID-19 Unfolds; (4) Jammu and Kashmir School Safety Programme 2020; (5) Impact of COVID-19 on Education of Marginalized Children in India: Key Loss and Damages; (6) Impact of the Pandemic on L.N. Mithila University: A View; (7) Impact of the Pandemic on Students; (8) Role of INVERTIS University in the Pandemic: A Case Study; (9) Role of Social Work Students and Faculty in Managing the Pandemic in Kerala; (10) Impact of COVID-19 on Child’s Education in India; (11) Impact of Pandemic on School Education and Children; (12) IIT Roorkee Committed to Augmenting Global Efforts to Tackle COVID-19; and (13) COVID-19 Impact on Education is Hardest?

Theme: Education, Pandemic, Children, DRR