COVID-19, Climate Change & Conflict: Pushing Communities to the Brink

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01 Oct 2021
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COVID-19, Environment & climate

Famine – the worst possible hunger emergency – was almost a crisis of the past. There has been just one large-scale famine declared this century, and it was nearly a decade ago. But now, hunger is rising again. Today, 41 million people living in 43 countries are on the brink of famine. Women, men, and children are being starved by a triple threat: the COVID-19 pandemic, climate shocks, and conflict.

Together, we have the power to confront this triple threat and prevent child deaths. For more than 40 years, with your support, our pioneering work treating and preventing hunger on the front lines has helped to cut the number of child deaths in half.  Action Against Hunger saves lives every day by treating malnourished children and their mothers, supporting livelihoods in the most vulnerable communities, and improving access to food, clean water, and healthcare.