CEPI mid-term review and COVID-19 response review: combined report Lessons learned and next steps

Malvolti, S.
Publication language
Date published
27 Sep 2023
Rapid Learning Review
COVID-19, Response and recovery
Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)

In 2019, an independent mid-term review (MTR) was initiated to assess CEPI’s performance since its formation in 2017 through to December 2019. Following a competitive tender, MM Global Health Consulting was selected to undertake the independent review, which commenced in January 2020.   During this review process, COVID-19 emerged as a pandemic threat, which required CEPI to pivot its organisational focus to support global R&D and manufacturing response efforts. In view of the pandemic’s impact on CEPI’s operations, the mid-term review process was completed in April 2020 and interim results were reported. This was then complemented with the COVID-19 Response Review (CRR), to evaluate CEPI’s response to the pandemic up to August, 2020.