Cash in a COVID-19 Crisis: Adapting Approaches to Assisting Jordan-based Refugees - Blog Post

Dürr, A.
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05 Apr 2021
Cash-based transfers (CBT), Children & youth, Development & humanitarian aid, COVID-19, Epidemics & pandemics, Forced displacement and migration, Host Communities, Refugee Camps, Gender, Innovation, Livelihoods, Protection, Social protection, Syria crisis
Syria, Jordan

How did cash actors delivering assistance to refugees in Jordan adapt to the COVID-19 crisis? What were the main challenges and did cash actors overcome these? An independent consultant specialising in cash transfers who recently carried out a study for CaLP and outlines their findings.

Cash assistance to vulnerable refugee households has been a central part of the humanitarian response in Jordan for many years. The Covid-19 crisis challenged this provision for both agencies and refugees; it led to a drastic increase in vulnerabilities among refugees and significantly complicating the delivery of cash assistance by humanitarian organisations and access to cash assistance for refugees.  

A recent study commissioned by CaLP, the Durable Solutions Platform and CAMEALEON documents and assesses collective learning and decision-making on whether and how cash-based programmes in Jordan, donors and refugees were able to adapt to these previously unforeseen challenges. 

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