2021 'Learning from Working During the COVID‐19 Pandemic' Review

Torggler, B. and Heldt, B.
Publication language
Date published
12 Oct 2021
Impact evaluation
Working in conflict setting, COVID-19, Evaluation-related
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

This review focuses on the delivery of the OSCE’s programmatic work, and how it was affected by the pandemic, including through travel restrictions, remote working procedures, and lockdowns. This review had a cross-organizational scope and covered the period March 2020 – June 2021.

Overall, what this review indicates is that the OSCE has demonstrated resilience, flexibility and ability to learn when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. While implementation challenges have been prevalent and significant across the organization, they have in many instances been overcome during the first year of the pandemic, or alternative solutions were developed to deal with them. This is thanks to the commitment of OSCE management and staff, and the successful collaboration with the organization’s partners.